Nap Mat Case - Original Nap Mat

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Say “hello” to your nap mat’s new best friend! Wildkin’s Original Nap Mat Case is the perfect accessory, keeping your little one’s nap mat protected when not in use. Whether they’re going to and from school or packing up their nap mat for a slumber party, your child will love the convenience of their Original Nap Mat Case.

Hypoallergenic, phthalate free and BPA free
Keeps your mat clean and dry
Spot clean only

Customer Reviews

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Escher Westphall
Great to keep the mats clean!

I am really glad to opt for this sleeping mat case. It’s so much simpler to keep it clean in transit and wherever the mat is stashed away.

Hannah De Los Santos
Love it!!!

My son is 3. But last August before daycare started I purchased him this nap mat cover. I wanted to do everything possible to protect him with COVID/flu, etc. I love knowing his nap mat doesn’t touch anyone else’s when they are out away in the closet of his classroom each day. It makes it a full week and when I bring it home to wash it still smells super fresh! My child has not come home sick since returning to daycare in August and I feel this is one of the reasons why! The zipper torn up on his first one but it had mad it 8 Months! I immediately ordered another one because I love it so. Also it helps the teachers so much especially if your nap mat is Velcro because that Velcro doesn’t work after awhile. It just helps keep the nap mat together! And it’s easier on the independent child that wants to hold their own stuff.